The  peace  of lord 

Satan  tries  to  disturb  the peace. He wants everything in an uproar, he specializes  in chaos. However ,God is not  confusion, but of peace .1 cor  14:33).He  is  happy  to  see good order among us and the  firmness  of faith in Christ col 2:5)we should  not  let anything  agitate  or terrify us  even  rumors about the end world  2 thes 2:2) what  if the  consummation of all  is close at hand  Peter 4:7).we should  still not  be perturbed.Rather  we should remain  calm so we will  be able to pray. 1 Peter 4:7).  Our lives  are founded  on the rock of  the faith  Jesus  and obedience  to the word Matt 7:24). The   lord is my life’s  refuge whom  should I be afraid ps  27:1).Though  an army  encamp against me ,my  heart will not be  fear through war  waged  upon me , then  i trust .ps 27:3) As  Jesus  slept  in midst  of Storm  matt  8:25) so we have  peace beyond understanding Phil  4:7) we  are able to lead undisturbed  or  tranquil  lives  in perfect  piety and dignity 1 Tim 2:2)when the devil tries  to pressure,Manipulate , and stampede us, we can say  still  and quieted my soul  like a weaned  child. Like a weand  in it Mother’s  lap, so is my  soul  within me.And even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death no evil shall I fear PS 23)the peace  of  d  lord be with you always